About Quantum Machine Tools

Ever Quantum, Inc. is a global transnational machinery corporation. Our headquarters are located in Bethesda, Maryland, immediately adjacent to Washington DC. Ever Quantum's business model spans the entire industrial machinery chain, including machine parts manufacturing, and turnkey industrial automation solutions. Our customers are spread across a wide variety of industries, from smartphone and automobile manufacturing, to deep sea oil exploration and aviation. Ever Quantum's products and services have been consistently helping customers achieve value, satisfaction and quality, earning us the world-renowned reputation that we are known for, and becoming one of our greatest motivations for continued innovation.

Rather than solely concentrating on pursuing the perfection of individual items, we now strive to focus on the bigger picture over the long haul. Ever Quantum has been concentrating on industrial design and service, based upon system integration and industrial development. We are committed to providing world-class professional automation solutions as well as practical implementation planning. Furthermore, the lifelong remote and onsite technical support for our products are guaranteed.

We have a profound comprehension of the definition of service and are constantly seeking to refine our proficiency in this regard. Our support not only involves training, repair and maintenance, but it also creates more value for our customers. Whether or not your own machine tool/production line is made by Ever Quantum, we are more than happy to provide you with equipment upgrades and production process optimization -- which will help you lower the cost and improve both production efficiency and product quality.

Ever Quantum's current design philosophy is User Experience, Going Green, and Intelligence.

Caring about our customers and their needs is of paramount importance to us, and it is the principal component of our business philosophy, which we uphold as our perpetual responsibility. It is our consistent desire to bring more humanism to the manufacturing industry. Currently we are proudly introducing a number of practical and extraordinary new technologies, such as ergonomic design for the entire production line, low vibration and noise design, more machine safety devices, self-cleaning devices, and noise cancelling headphones.

We care about our planet, and take very seriously our responsibilities for environmental protection. The time is now for us to take actions to reduce energy consumption and pollution. We have delineated the criteria for reducing our energy consumption utilizing a multi-year strategy with strict adherence to our plan. The pollution control devices which we employ on our machinery are not optional, they are mandatory. These devices include the mist collectors and metal chip auger/conveyor.

We care greatly about the future of manufacturing, and bear a strong sense of responsibility for the entire industry. With today's ongoing trend towards manufacturing innovation, the application of IOT has progressively extended to the field of smart plant. Ever Quantum is dedicated to achieving seamless end-to-end production with our manufacturing plants. We process the enormous informational statistics derived from our manufacturing practice. This information is then converted to practical and intelligible metrics that are provided to our customers. Using either mobile devices or PCs, our customers will be able to stay apprised of the ongoing situation via updates from all manufacturing equipment, which provides easy access to real-time information. Upon request, we also provide customized maintenance and consultation services on a regular basis for our customer's real-time needs.

Ever Quantum's core values can be summarized as responsibility, integrity, pragmatism, preciseness and creativity. These values have been deeply implanted into all of the hearts of those who work for Ever Quantum. Just like our customers and suppliers, we firmly believe that the manufacturing industry is a crucial element of our society. Technology has been evolving at a surprisingly rapid rate, and in the process has been creating extraordinary advances one after another. These changes bring complex and inherent challenges to the manufacturing industry, in addition to bringing greater opportunities to grow. As an equipment designer and manufacturer, we are enthusiastic about this innovation because it allows the technology of the entire industry to expand to newer and greater levels. This evolutionary expansion and growth will enable us to bring more profit to our customers and more stable and profitable contracts to our suppliers. Due to our prodigious comprehension of each segment of the industrial chain, we are able to approach this market with a uniquely synergistic perspective. All of the industry players will prosper, assuming that each of us on the chain is proceeding with social consciences. We strive to achieve more respect for our industry, and we believe the outcome will be a greater sense of responsibility to our society.